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Cleaning Water the way Nature does

Explore an ecological wastewater recycling system in Chatham County, North Carolina, at the former Triangle School.

lizardWastewater is cleaned for reclamation and reuse using constructed wetlands, and a greenhouse containing soil filters and an aquatic ecosystem. This is the first on-site treatment facility of its kind in North Carolina which not only purifies water and reclaims nutrients, but also reuses water, and therefore RECYCLES WATER. Nutrients from the wastewater are captured to be used later as fertilizer for landscape plants.

The Triangle School Wastewater Treatment Facility was designed by a team headed by Halford House at North Carolina State University (NCSU). Faculty and students from NCSU and other universities will be conducting research at the site, while students from the Chatham County Public Schools and children at the Exploris Museum will soon be able to study the site, suggest experiments and interact with researchers via the internet.

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